the team

Ebrahim Alkandari
Ma'an Musfi

A consultant and co-founder of Dotslink Consultants, with a vast experience in the marketing and management of heavy-on-operations organization, a focus on retail operations, banking and hospitality, providing the services of Strategic Planning, Marketing Planning and Business Plan development and implementation

A consultant and co-founder of Dotslink Consultants, Most noted for his vast experience in a wide range of industries in the Kuwaiti market, with a special focus on Creative Problem Solving, Strategic Planning, Web Strategies, Marketing and Business Plan development and implementation

Marwa Sulyaman
Mohammed El-Malki

The backbone of the whole team, she is the financial and administration manager, and our drive to excel.
She has a degree in Business from the Lebanese American University and a vast experience in structuring and future planning.

A leading Management/Leadership consultant with an extensive experience in Training and designing training courses and an expert in Market Research. He spent years as a UNDP consultant and the World Bank in cooperation with The Kuwait Ministry of planning

strategic consulting partners

Dr. Karl Gretz, Phd
Steve Drozdeck

President of  Gretz Consulting Group. He has applied his unique consulting approaches to numerous areas, including customer relationship management, leadership, sales management, cultural change and consultative selling skills in financial services, education, the military, industry, and health care for companies in North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

has been in the financial services industry since 1974. First as a financial advisor, then as a sales trainer, cirriculum design specialist, coach, and key note speaker at industry conferences. He has trained over 50,000 sales professionals and written 14 books on sales, management, industry best practices, client development, and self-directed coaching.

Salah Alkandari
Adel Al-Haddad

The former Executive Vice President of Treasury & Financial Planning in a major investment company, he has been in the Financial Service Industry since 1986 where he held leading positions in three commercial banks in Kuwait, he also lead the 3 major privatization project of MTC-Zain, BKME and Al-Khiran Project.

He has been in the Financial Service Industry since 1986 worked as a Consultant and Member of the Senior Advisory Committee for Compensations Authority Geneva, Senior Investment Manager for Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development New York & Vienna and Manager of Direct Investment of OPEC Fund Vienna

Dr. Fahmy A. Meguid, Phd
Dr. Essa Al-Saadi, Phd

Has 40 years of financial and business experience. He started working with Chase Manhattan Bank in New York in 1976 and left the bank as the Vice President in charge of Chase relationship with the government of Kuwait, Qata and Bahrain. He has being involved in the set up and operation of various successful ventures in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, in the oil and gas, transportation, IT, telecommunication, and real estate development.

Former Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs, and a teacher at Sociology Dept, Kuwait University.
He also was the vise President of Rehabilitation International - Arab Region, the chairman for Afaq Educational Company, the Project manager for KTC (Kuwait Technical College) and the Vice chairman for Themar investment company owners of American medical college in kuwait.

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